Thursday, July 9, 2009

container gardening

You do not need a large garden, how about A VEGETABLE GARDEN IN PLASTIC BOTTLES?

I feel this is an interesting idea, worthwile to try out in a very dry part of my garden....

'It can efficiently be used for “desert gardening“.
As in the drylands extreme drought, and thus extreme evaporation, is one of the main problems for agriculture and gardening, I suggest to limit this evaporation by using a plastic bottle to obtain a higher water use efficiency. Indeed, water can be stocked in a volume of potting soil, wherein a water absorbing soil conditioner can play its supplementary water stocking role.'

Source: Seeds for Food
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Marc Kauffman said...

ik ben net begonnen met het permacultuur concept op mijn balkon van 6.72m2. niet veel ruimte dus. innovativiteit vereist! volg mijn berichten via:

media said...

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