Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why & How about Urban Permaculture?

Most of us live in cities – crowded and ‘far from the farm’
So how can we apply the principles of permaculture to our lives?

In URBAN PERMACULTURE we will learn some permaculture basics and as a team, develop a hands-on project in a small, urban back yard in a major Dutch city.

We will learn the Permaculture Ethics and Principles, come to understand some basics of site observation, assessment, and planning.

In addition, we’ll informally share such al resources as best books, videos, local seed banks and other support for the urban permie.

We will explain and demonstrate as many of the following activities as we can based on our demo site: basics of sheet-mulching composting, vermiculture (composting with worms), creating an herb spiral/tower, bioremediation to remove toxins from soil.

AND we will make sacred seedballs to take home and for guerilla gardening

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