Sunday, April 13, 2008

Urban Permaculture

If you live in a city, you may wonder if it is possible to live a life in connection with Nature.
Is it possible to grow your own food?
Is the earth in your small garden healthy?
How do you compost if you live in an apartment?
What sort of edible, native plants will thrive in the changing Lowlands climate, on our balconies or in our backyard?
In URBAN PERMACULTURE, you’ll get a fast overview of the entire scope of Permaculture (from collecting and managing water to creating a ‘food forest’ to bioremediation).
Then we’ll work hands-on in a city garden or two to put the basic strategies of soil-building, food growth and composting into action.
URBAN PERMACULTURE is not a replacement for a permaculture design certificate.
It is a very practical way to ‘jump start’ your knowledge and abilities in growing food within the city, to gain confidence and to meet community!

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